Exol Product Approvals

Exol Lubricants is proud to produce and supply the following highest quality products that have been approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for use. Please click the name for more specific information on a product:


Autotrans MVA

Optima Vimax F 5W-20

Optima Vimax FD 5W-30

Optima LSV 5W-30

Optima LSX 5W-40

Optima LSZ 5W-30


Harvest Ultrafarm 10W-30


Excelmotive ZF 20W-40

Taurus Extreme M3 10W-40

Taurus Extreme HST 15W-40



Athena Super M 80W-90

Athena Super M 80W-140

Athena Super M 85W-140

Athena Super Syngear 75W-90

Athena Super Syngear 75W-140

Taurus Euro 5 10W-40

Taurus Euro Plus 10W-40

Taurus SHPD E7 15W-40

Taurus SHPD E9 15W-40

Taurus SHPD E9 10W-30

Taurus Resilient 10W-40

Taurus Euro FE 5W-30

Autotrans ELC