EXCELFORM 2257S (F048)

Excelform 2257S is a high performance cold metal forming lubricant designed to be used neat or diluted with water. It is free of chlorine, sulphur, mineral oil, secondary amines and bactericides. This product is formulated with high levels of polymer and esters which are designed to protect tooling and improve surface finish in cold metal forming applications where high performance characteristics are required either due to the severity of operation or due to the material being formed. Typical applications would include tube bending, drawing, deep drawing, pilgering, blanking, piercing, perforating and heavy duty stamping with materials such as aluminium alloys, titanium, carbon steels, stainless steels and coated materials. On more sensitive materials it is recommended that stain testing is carried out before entering high volume production.

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EXCELFORM 2257S (F048) is available in the following quantities

  • 25 ltrs
  • 25 ltrs
  • 205 ltrs
  • IBC