TAURUS GEO G240 (M448)

Taurus GEO G240 is formulated from ultra high purity, low sulphur base oils and the latest in additive technology to provide excellent control of deposits, wear, oxidation, nitration and valve recession under the most severe operating conditions. It offers outstanding performance with a wide range of variation in composition of natural gas fuels, including sour gas fuel and fuels containing organic halides.

Product Specification
API CF, MWM TR-0199-99-2105, GE-Jenbacher Engine Types 2, 3, 4 & 6. Gas Class A & B.

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TAURUS GEO G240 (M448) is available in the following quantities

  • 25 ltrs
  • 25 ltrs
  • 205 ltrs
  • IBC
  • Part Tanker
  • Full Tanker