Taurus GEO MAG 240 is formulated from ultra pure base oils and the latest in medium ash additive technology which provides excellent control of deposit formation thereby preventing problems such as valve torching and piston ring and groove deposits. The characteristics of Taurus GEO MAG 240 make it a perfect choice for engines running on sour gas, such as digester gas, sewage gas or landfill gas, where its acid neutralisation properties are required.

Product Specification
GE-Jenbacher Engine Types 2, 3, 4 & 6 (except 4C & 6F), MAN 3271-4, MWM >0.5% Sulphated Ash applications

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TAURUS GEO MAG 240 (M475) is available in the following quantities

  • 25 ltrs
  • 25 ltrs
  • 205 ltrs
  • IBC
  • Part Tanker
  • Full Tanker